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KLINOSEPT ™ SURFACE DISINFECTANT is a ready-made product, free of aldehydes, for rapid disinfection and cleaning by spraying and wiping medical items, such as operating desks, mobile beds, examination lamps with a mobile stand (4 wheels) and dental chairs. For disinfection and rapid cleaning by spraying and wiping non-invasive medical devices such as: laboratory benches, treatment chairs, unit surfaces, instrument vats / trays, hand and counter parts, handles for examination lamps, steel tooling , aluminum, copper, silicone and rubber.

How to use: Wet the surfaces and objects that will be disinfected completely and allow them to work. Follow the shutter speeds. If necessary, wipe the surfaces and objects with a clean disposable cloth. Use only on alcohol compatible materials. Test before use on sensitive materials by applying on a small area that is not visible. An amount of 16-20 ml / m2 is sufficient to moisten the smooth surfaces under normal temperature conditions 20-23 ° C.

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