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They are impregnated with a high level disinfectant solution, ready for use. They are recommended for rapid disinfection in all areas with a high risk of infection and where short contact times are required (treatment units, examination tables, operating tables and working areas near them or medical device overheads).

They are impregnated with a high level disinfectant solution, ready for use.


Short contact time.


Full spectrum of biocidal action.


Ideal for any type of surface.

KLINTENSIV® DISINFECTING WIPES is used as follows: Surface disinfection:

  • floors, stairs, wall panelling, doors, surgery rooms, waiting rooms in hospitals, cabinets, consulting rooms, medical analysis laboratories, etc.;
  • sanitary objects: shower cabins, carpets, bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, urinals, bed linen, balloons, waste containers;
  • surgery tables, beds, trolleys, containers, sick prams, ambulances;
  • disinfection of air conditioning systems. Clean coarse dirt before disinfection. Wipe the surface with the disinfecting wipe.
Klintensiv Wet Surface Wipes are a disinfecting, non-alcoholic, ready-to-use solution recommended for delicate and opaque areas, which are sensitive to the chemical attack of alcohol-based solutions. With these wet wipes you disinfect quickly most of the medical sufaces (surfaces from the ambulances,emergency units - UPUs, treatment chairs, handpieces (turbine, counterpoint, right piece), lamp support arms, dental instruments). The solution has disinfectant properties and a broad spectrum of biocidal action. It doesn't contain aldehydes. The active substances are quaternary ammonium salts. The product was created according to European standards.

Instruction of use: Wipe the surface that needs to be disinfected so that it remains wet. Allow to act for 5 minutes. Use  wipes as  you need. Don't rinse the surface after the use of the wet wipes.

Active substance: Didecyldimethylammonium chloride, quaternary ammonium salts.

Type of biocidal product according to HG 956/2005:

  • Main Group 1: Disinfectants and biocides
  • Product type: 2 - disinfectant for surfaces, instruments and aeromicroflora. These products can be applicated by wiping, immersion, spraying or nebulization. They can be use in the medical, industrial areas, but also in the household.
  • Category of users: professional, industrial, population
Warning: This product is intended for professional use and will be utilized by qualified personnel which knows the safety rules in the field. Storage in tight, clean, well ventilated areas is recommended, with temperatures between + 5 °C to + 30 °C.  Each delivery batch will be accompanied by the quality certification, realised in accordance with the legal provisions, and by the declaration of conformity based on data sheets, analysis reports and health advice.

Packing Methods: Pack of 80 wipes.

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