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It is a new generation hands disinfectant that combines a comprehensive microbial effect with excellent skin protection and skin care properties. Ensures hygienic of hand disinfection in just 30 seconds and has biocidal effectiveness with a residual effect of 3 hours after application.

It can be used for skin disinfection before injection, puncture, vaccination or blood collection.


Biocidal efficacy with residual effect 3 hours after application.


Ensures hygienic disinfection of hands in just 30 seconds.


Combines the antimicrobial effect with excellent skin protection and skin care properties.

KLINTENSIV® ALCHOSEPT is used in hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands in the medical field:

  • For hygienic disinfection of hands: Apply 3 ml (a pump press) and rub hands for 30 seconds.
  • For surgical hand disinfection: Apply 6 ml (two pump presses), rub hands for 120 seconds, then add 3 ml (another pump press) and rub hands for other 60 seconds.

We recommend removing jewellery or accessories from your hands before use. Prior to application, the skin of the hands should be dry. Apply the required amount of KLINTENSIV® ALCHOSEPT, depending on the purpose of use. The hands are rubbed in the front, palm on palm, then the palm alternates with the back of the hands. Carefully rub your fingertips, those that have the greatest contact with the patients and rub carefully and finger joints in the skin of the epidermis.

KLINTENSIV ALCHOSEPT™ is a cleansing product with fast action, being ideal for  frequent use in doctor€™s office for cleaning the hands before and after each contact with a patient. This product contains protective and moisturizing substances which provide lipid balance of skin and prevent the occurence of dry areas and cracked skin sensation, side effects that appear after multiple uses of other hand cleansing products. 

Instruction of use: Wash and dry your handsApply 2-3 ml of disinfectant and respect all the hand rub technique recommended by WHO:

  1. Rub hands palm to palm;
  2. Right palm over left dorsum with interlanced fingers and vice versa;
  3. Rub palm to palm with finger interlanced;
  4. Rub back of each hand with palm of the other hand with finger interlanced;
  5. Rub with back of fingers to opposing palm with finger interlanced ;
  6. Rub each thumb clasped in opposite hand using a rotational movement. Once dry, your hands are safe.
  • For hygienic disinfection of the hands: Apply 3 ml (a push of a pump) and rub your hands for 30 seconds.
  • For surgical disinfection of the hands: Apply 6 ml (two pushes), rub your hands for 120 seconds, then add another 3 ml (one more push) and rub your hands for 60 seconds.
Active substance:  Type of biocidal product according to HG 956/2005
  • Main Group 1: Disinfectants and biocides
  • Product type: 1 - It is a biocidal product for human hygiene. Hydroalcoholic solution for hygienic and surgical disinfection.
  • Category of users: professional, industrial, population.
Warning: This product is intended for professional use and will be utilized by qualified personnel which knows the safety rules in the field. Storage in tight, clean, well ventilated areas is recommended, with temperatures between + 5 °C to + 30 °C.  Each delivery batch will be accompanied by the quality certification, realised in accordance with the legal provisions, and by the declaration of conformity based on data sheets, analysis reports and health advice. 

Packaging methods: 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml.

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